A Time To Let Go, And Move Forward

Lunar Eclipse July 28, 2018 – A Time to let go, and move forward

What is a lunar Eclipse

Amazing that’s what!

So on July 27th/28th we have some amazing things going on in our sky. Stop these days and take some time to center yourself and be open to the energy the Universe is offering to provide you with! On July 27th we have a full moon, officially at 0058 EST on July 28th. During this time we will also be experiencing a FULL Lunar Eclipse. A magical time in the skies indeed. Not only are these amazing to watch, they bring with them an abundance of energy! This particular full moon, is in Capricorn. The Sun and Moon oppose each other at this time. Sun will be in Cancer, Moon in Capricorn. During this time you may feel weak, moody, off balance. The Eclipse is going to amplify this. This is a time to rebalance: Home, career, and your heart.

So what is a Lunar eclipse exactly?? Story time, or better yet astro science mini overview lol. Well according to the experts at NASA “A total lunar eclipse happens when the whole moon enters Earth’s shadow. Some sunlight still reaches the moon, but first it goes through Earth’s atmosphere. The atmosphere filters out most of the sun’s blue light, so the moon looks red.” SO…Basically we get a Blood Moon.

How is this awesome event going to affect you spiritually? Lets hold hands and take a dive into the pool of Wisdom and Knowledge shall we?

*Full moons are always awesome for leaving what no longer serves you behind. They are great for planning intentions for the next six months.

*Eclipses are the bringers of change, they help us evolve!

* May bring Sudden changes and transformation

*They tend to align you with your soul path purpose. Basically they are the HALT GO NO FURTHER, your exit is here event of the universe. They force you on the path you are meant to be on

*They help you identify what you need to let go of, and help you move forward in doing so

These rare events can only happen when the celestial bodies line up perfectly. The Sun, Moon, and Earth must work together. Much like Mind, Body, and Spirit during these events to help you evolve. This particular event, the full lunar eclipse is going to provide you with the tools you need to finally let go of things and move on. It is going to be a perfect time to set the wheels of new beginnings in motion. Each full moon brings you the opportunity to connect with the Divine, let go of things that no longer serve your highest purpose, and embrace changes as they occur. The energy of this Full Moon Lunar eclipse will follow us int August, and provide us with a prime opportunity to connect with energy that  is positive, productive, and active. This is an excellent opportunity to re-evaluate personal truths, re-direct yourself and embrace change. Focus on the positive, let go of the negative, and begin experiencing a period of rebirth spiritually.

Embrace change, let go of that which no longer serves you or helps you grow, and get ready to refocus your intents!  In short Carpe deium!  Bright Blessings and Enjoy,  Brie

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