It’s Time To Let The Past Go

I’ll be honest, I actually had no idea what I was going to write my upcoming articles on until o decided to pull some cards from a new deck that I had just purchased and allowed my guides to show me what topics needed to be covered. The message came through loud and clear – let go of the past.   We are all guilty of it. Holding on to past arguments or scandals, wishing we could go back and say something differently, do something different or wish we could have just avoided the situation in the first place.  I am sure you can recall at least one scenario that your mind replays over and over and over again, and each time you replay it you suddenly think of a better come back or think of a witty remark that you should have said or even answered a question differently; you then imagine how different your life would actually be now if you had changed that one small detail.

But here’s the reality – we can’t change it, it happened as it happened, we said what we said and we did what we did, nothing and no one can change that.

Sometimes we feel like we are the ones left the injured party and we then start thinking of all manner of ways to try and outdo that ex partner, ex spouse, friend, colleague or whoever – we want to knock them off their pedestal and we want the whole world to have the same opinion of that person, or people, as us – this is our ego refusing to accept defeat in a situation and wanting to keeping poking at the situation until we have the resolution that we are happy with. The thing is, we have to train our ego and we have to know that sometimes it is okay to walk away from a situation, and it is okay to sometimes let someone else win.

So many of us spend so much time thinking about how we can outdo another person, how we can be better or more successful than someone else, what we can do to make sure it’s us that get chosen for that promotion and not someone else, think of creative ways to maybe seek revenge on an ex lover who has wronged us, but here’s the thing, letting go of that ego, letting go of thy situations and focusing that energy into ourselves and making the best of our situation as it is now – that is what is going to make is truly happy, and that is what is actually going to else to satisfaction; this actually makes us become the person that then other people start to envy and want to emulate.

Believe me, I know it is easier said than done, and as I said earlier, we are all guilty of holding on to let situations, but once we accept that the past is the past and that actually we can’t change it, it then frees us and allows us the time and energy to start focusing on the future that we want and imagining future scenarios, rather than replaying old ones.

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