Total Solar Eclipse Today!

We have a very special event August 21st.  For the first time in over 100 years we will have a Total Solar Eclipse that is visible across the US and how we are able to  use this energy to our benefit.

The second Leo New Moon, which makes it a Blue Moon too, is also a total solar eclipse, will occur on the 21st at 28° Leo and make a friendly connection to Uranus, once again, and completes an entire cycle through Leo.  This adds a spontaneous facet to the equation.

How will this affect each of you?. Eclipses send light to the area of the chart that was unaware.  Fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius and Air sign Aquarius will be most affected, but wherever Leo is in your chart, there will be activity.

Leo demands authenticity, and all of the fire signs will be strongly aware of folks who are unaware of themselves and their truths. Aquarius will be cognizant of the empirical effect that the light reveals.

Wherever Leo / Aquarius falls in one’s natal chart new ideas, information and truths will be revealed.  There is a fine line to live in one’s creative self and to still remain grounded in the real world. This is a balance of energies to accept and utilize. It is absolutely possible to achieve both.

All new moons offer a new beginning for you, but  this one is profound, out there and obvious.  It is a time to drop the fears and live out loud, outside of our comfort-zones.

Wishes and dreams are only impossible when there are boundaries, limits and fears.  Recognizing this in ourselves , we see a way to manifest in those dreams in realistic ways. If you feel something is possible it is, if you feel that it is not. Then you have created your own obstacle. The most significant part of this. As the moon enters Virgo is that becoming detail-oriented ensures the ideas can be brought to fruition.


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