True Life Transformation Starts Within

With this being the beginning of a new year comes along the common New Year’s Resolution.  People make various kinds of goals ranging from letting go of a bad habit, exercising more, dropping a certain amount of body weight, being more outgoing, having more fun, eating healthier, you name it, it’s being done.  There is nothing wrong with setting goals, but so many people that start their New Year’s Resolutions don’t even get past the first month, let alone the first week.  Why is that? We lose touch with the “Why we are doing it in the first place”.  We haven’t connected the goal with the feeling of it being a reality.  Why do you think successful people are just that, successful?    A successful person has not just thought of their goal or dream, he or she has imagined what their life would be like “as if it were already so,” and connected it with how it makes them feel in having this goal or resolution a reality.

Do this simple exercise:

Close your eyes and imagine how your life would be with that goal or resolution as a reality.

How would you look?

What kinds of things would you be able to do?  See yourself doing these things.

Where would you be living?

What would your relationships be like with this goal attained?

How does this reality make you feel? Are you joyful?  Are you happy?

How does being joyful, happy, fulfilled, or whatever the emotion feel like in your body?  Truly absorb yourself in this.  Now open your eyes and write down everything you experienced while doing this exercise.

So what were your results?  Would you like to connect to those feelings you just experienced on a daily basis?  Sure you do.  What is one thing you can do right now that will take you closer to that feeling?

You see, it’s all about connecting with the experience.  If you have no experience to relate your goal to, it can be difficult to make it a reality.  You lose touch and focus of why you were doing it in the first place.

This simple exercise allows you to experience that reality to give you something tangible to connect with.  When you are able to connect in this way passion is able form and take root. Connect to your goal in this way on a daily basis along with an action that moves you toward it. This helps spark motivation, inspiration and the desire to see it through.

Many Blessings to you always!  ~Sharlani


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