This year has brought a lot of uncertainty in life especially when it comes to our relationships especially with our partners, the people we love, friends & family.
You find that your communication with the one you love has been a little complicated, there have been more disagreements more problems maybe they even broke up, or they’ve just stopped communicating they stopped texting, calling or even blocked you on social media.

And now you’re faced with the uncertainty of where do you stand. how are things going to get better?  how do you heal your relationship?   what do they feel or think about me?  Do they miss me or still love me? Should I continue to hold onto this relationship or let go?

These are questions that are constantly running through your mind and you feel stressed anxious and lately, your anxiety has a mind of its own. It’s not enough things have been complicated in relationships but with family, friends and holiday season. You’ve been feeling the pressure of everything changing rapidly around you and trying to gain footing and find A balance of happiness and function.

The best way to find that balance is by listening to your intuition, spirit guides, guardian angels. To help you where to gain happiness joy and balance in your life.  

If this is something that you are currently going through. This is my area of expertise. The first step to silence the seeds of doubt is meditation By allowing our physical mind and body To be in harmony. With spiritual energies that help us through our daily life.  By opening your heart to whatever the universe has to say by starting your day with a daily affirmation.

I am open and ready for whatever the universe has in store for me today and every day.
I am spiritually open and trust my spirit guides and guardian angels to guide me On my divine path.

One of the biggest problems that we face with meditation is staying focussed and staying in a meditative state a lot of us believe that maybe we should go at it silent while it works for some of us may struggle as our mind begins to chatter. 
To help get you into a meditative state try playing a playlist that you enjoy if some of your favourite songs. If you’re trying to meditate with someone you love play songs that represent your relationship.  Close your eyes and vision the happy times of the two of you share together or even things that you want to experience with the ones you love. 
You can even try a guided meditation to help walk you along the path sometimes it helps to have a guiding voice. (YouTube is a good source. )
And most importantly daily affirmationsI am open and ready for loveI am deserving of loveI am strong powerful and independent and I can overcome anything that’s in my life. My partner will heal evolve and accept our connection and relationship. 
I hope that this helps guide you along your journey
Many blessings🌺

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