Using Tarot to Manifest Your Best Self

For many years, I have turned to Tarot for guidance and to seek wisdom in every area of my life. I believe that the Tarot can connect us with the Divine and our Higher Self. There is just something about pulling a card randomly and generating a message or lesson on which I can reflect on and learn how to manifest my best self.

When I am working with the Tarot, I am less concerned with fortune-telling than I am with assessing the situation that brought me to this point in time, and where the current energies may be taking me. I don’t believe that our fates are set in stone or that we are at the mercy of the Universe. I do know there are ways in which we can use tarot to prepare ourselves for any problems that may present themselves in the future.

When Tarot is practiced on a regular basis, it can be intriguing, especially when you relate them to self-care, and introspection. You begin to see patterns and reoccurring messages. This allows you to start noticing obstacles as well as strengths, and this is where, I believe, the answers lie.

A good practice with Tarot would be to pull one card for yourself, either when rising in the morning, or before bed. I look at the artwork and use my intuition and knowledge of the symbols when interpreting the cards. You’ll want to give yourself sufficient time to really look and interpret the cards on how they make you feel. (Some people have problems with reading Tarot for themselves, and this can be due to not spending enough time with the card or cards you pull) Are you seeing a pattern, or repeating message or theme? What do the colors say to you? What is the lesson that needs to be learned after pulling a Tarot card?

I love that Tarot has been used for hundreds of years, and I love that throughout the time they have remained sacred. They present ways for us to connect with our deep truths, feelings, fears, and desires. It allows us to see ourselves how we truly are, and when we follow the insights it shares, we are given steps on how to heal ourselves. It allows us to have faith and trust our gut by looking inward.

Even when looking within and reflecting on ourselves is uncomfortable, it is necessary. Tarot makes self-care possible. Depending on the deck, each card gives us a look within ourselves. Can you associate with a specific card, and how can you find yourself in a card? When you look at the images, you are looking into a mirror image of yourself.

Studying the Tarot can help you find what works best for you. There is no right or wrong way to use a deck. Find a deck that speaks to you and one you feel comfortable with to turn to when you need guidance. It is a simple tool, and how you use it is completely up to you. Pay attention to things that pop out at you, and be prepared to go places within yourself that makes you feel uncomfortable. When that feeling occurs, ask yourself why, don’t run from the feeling, and learn from it. Just go with your gut!

Here are some simple tips and reasons why you may want to use Tarot for self-care:

  • Pull a card each morning and reflect on it throughout the day
  • When you pull a card pay attention to how it challenges you
  • Start a journal of the cards you pull to help you recognize patterns or repeating messages
  • Use the Tarot when you are experiencing anxiety
  • Use the Tarot to connect with friends, family, or a lover on a deeper level
  • Use the Tarot to disrupt negative thoughts or behaviors
  • Pull a card during the New Moon for fresh ideas, and putting energies to good use

Self-care is an important part of everyone’s daily routine. However, it is more than simply pampering yourself in a bubble bath or getting a manicure. Whether you take the Tarot seriously or just for the fun of it, take some time to check in with yourself, even if it is just for a few minutes each day. Give yourself a chance to be quiet, contemplate, and allow yourself to unwind from the constant downloads of information from day to day. Start practice to help you get in touch with your intuition, think problems over by laying out a spread, and explore how to manifest your best self!

Hazel is an experienced Reader with Psychic Vision.
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