Valentine’s Day Tarot Reading

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So I’m going to pull some cards up, because why not a little tarot for Valentine’s Day right? 

1st card the wheel of fortune in Reverse
2nd card: the Hangman reversed.
3rd Card: the Lovers card.

When the wheel of fortune appears in reversal, it is slightly less likely that you may find yourself coming to the conclusion that a long-term relationship may no longer suit your needs. At a minimum, you need to do some sober evaluation about how you love life is working and how you are feeling about the relationship(s), and then if there is one you want to keep, you may decide that you will need to take action to make sure that it makes it. Communication is key now. As with the upright meaning of this card, if you’re looking for a relationship, first get very, very clear on exactly “who” you are looking for, then make sure that you are putting yourself in situations where it is possible/likely that you will meet people.

Again, when it comes to the Hanged Man in reverse, the theme is generally (and more emphatically) one of letting go. You may need to “let go” of a vision of a particular kind of relationship or a relationship with a certain person as being “the only way that you can be happy.” If you’re in a long-term relationship, it too may well be at a crossroads. There’s no need to freak out if the latter is the case, just take some time to think about some subtle cues which you may have been getting. Don’t ignore them.

When the Lovers card appears, it usually means this time is likely to bring LOVE in capital letters to the center stage of your life. This is either a new relationship or a powerful re-bonding of an old one. Either way you will be quite happy about how romance is going and others will likely remark that you are “glowing.” This is serious stuff. It could mean, even in a new relationship, where you are meeting each other’s families and talking about “forever.” Again, share your joy with those around you who need it. Life will feel blissful to you now, which is wonderful.

My predictions for this month: 
For those of you who are in a relationship, not a *long distant one* You can definitely start to expect, to spend a lot more time with your partner physically and get to know each other more emotionally. You can expect to gain a better understanding, of each other and Not be left in the dark anymore and most importantly, more commitment and effort this month as well. As for those who are in a relationship, but it’s long-distance, or just became a long-distance relationship you can expect effort, from your partner with Communication, if they have been distant and as well as he or she Breaking Their Walls to be more open, and not so Guarded or stubborn. And you can also expect to talk about seeing each other, In the near future, and talking about more serious things such as future family etc. 

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