What To Expect In April 2021 – Astrology Based Intuition For The Collective

Hey everyone! Happy April! Lots of wishes of happiness and prosperity for the lot of you. April serves to remind us not to get lost in Neptunian fantasies and keeping us grounded into reality in all realms.

 There are periods of depression, anguish and sadness that may engulf us, but remember to not internalize negativity and allow it to take the steering wheel of productivity away from you. This month challenges you to change your perspective and fame of thinking – old methods of rationalizing are not effective, and being pragmatic alone won’t resolve any situations that need addressing.

 With Venus entering Taurus on the 14th, and Mercury in Aries on the 11th, co-dependency issues, jealousy and possessiveness may occur in relationships – but is also a period of growing attachments and fondness is managed healthily. Provocations can lead to volatile conflicts so be mindless that quick thinking shouldn’t always lead to thoughtless action. Act with intention and intuition.

Illusion may overwhelm vocational and financial prosperity, especially in the work place. It is important to practice boundaries and self-sufficiency during this period. Use your autonomy and get your obligations handled efficiently! With Jupiter and Pluto in Conjunction under Capricorn on April 4th, which only happens every 13 years, you’ll find maintaining your personal ethics and acting accordingly to your morals will allow for metamorphosis and catalyze immediate, drastic change in your professional path! With Sun entering Taurus on the 19th of April, now is the time to get creative – with insurmountable potential on the horizon, now’s the time to perfect your craft and use social media to boost your endeavors!

Do not procrastinate or you may face criticism from your peers for failed timelines. Work toward concrete goals by planning out your days and weeks ahead. While you’re overwhelmed with work, don’t panic! Remember to leave your work on your desk, and have quality time with your loved ones with full emotional receptivity and consideration. With Mars in Aquarius and Squaring Uranus in Taurus, typically only occurring once a year, stick to your guns and defend your work and individuality – your uniqueness will allow you a promotion for your entrepreneurship whether self-employed or within a company. It can lead to bountiful prosperity in the long-run.

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