What To Expect This Valentines’ Day?!

If love hasn’t been a major focus in your life over the past few months, I totally get it. After all, we are in the middle of a pandemic. But since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, let’s see what’s going to transpire for all of us. This Valentine’s Day will be very Aquarius centered, emphasizing most specifically on platonic partnerships and relationships we have with ourselves! With five planets moving into Aquarius on February 14th, including our love planet, Venus, squaring passionate and fiery Mars, we may find ourselves becoming attracted to or falling for individuals unconventional or not our usual type! It is focused and centered around not limiting our perceptions and society’s standards of aesthetic, love and romance hold us back from meeting interesting people that we may have written off in the past. Mercury’s back-spin retrograde into Aquarius, this Valentine’s day has the potential of causing unforeseen delays, and misunderstandings, but a little compassion, patience and understanding can help lessen the burden of its’ presence.


Aries, many of you may decide to celebrate the holiday with your friends, but I feel a bit of tension and drama. Be mindful about your choice in words when communicating your feelings. I feel many of you have strong beliefs and standards now more than ever before about the love you deserve and how it should translate in your partner (or future partner’s) actions or behaviors.

A lot of you have been having self-doubt and feeling low about yourselves, if not inadequate, because of this. If you’re dealing with a friends with benefits or a crush, make sure you’re setting healthy boundaries and expectations. Remind yourself not to get too carried away in a situation or get the wrong idea about where things are headed based on your emotions alone. Take the time to really think about what you truly want out of the relationships in your life, and what you have to give. Having honest and open conversations about your feelings without it transpiring into a needless war can help everyone be accountable for their behavior and decisions. You are on the cusp of a great romance in the coming months.


Professional difficulties and issues on the work front have had you guys down as of late. Your brain is bogged down and sleepless nights are starting to take a toll on your psyche! Put your mental health first and consider making some low-key plans with your crush, date or partner that give you comfort to distract you from the hardships you’re facing on the job. For some of you, a girl’s night in wouldn’t heart with some mani-pedis, watching a chick-flick, and doing some face masks.

You’re doing the right thing at work and don’t let it take away from the fun you can have on Valentine’s Day! Significant delays on projects may affect your faith in your work ethic, but you need to have more faith in yourself. After all, positive affirmation and faith promotes manifestation! Allow growth to happen in divine timing.


So many of you have a desire to get out the house and travel. I feel that, but now may not be the best time for that, Gemini! You’ve been overwhelmed with lifes’ obligations and finding that your ability to communicate effectively is limited, between your beliefs or thoughts not translating clearly in your actions. It may be a good time to enjoy planning for future plans when it comes to travelling.

Give yourself some time to really think about what you want to do moving forward, especially in the love department. Now is a great time to open your heart and mind to the possibility that other perspectives are just as valid as yours. They’re not less significant, just different. Watching an international movie .. having a calm night in cooking a recipe originating from a country you’d like to travel to may be just the type of in-door adventure you need.


I feel deep emotional turmoil or upheaval this Valentine’s Day. For those of you in relationships, this may involve long-term vision for your relationship and talks about even reciprocation (or lack thereof). Don’t be too quick to run out the door though, Cancer! Use this as an opportunity to talk and communicate about what changes need to be made on their end, and hear out their feelings on you before you throw in the towel.

Generally, seems that you’re actually deep in contemplating and soul-searching. Don’t get caught up playing savior or life raft for everyone else, overly involving yourself in others’ situations and focus on your own emotional baggage. It is a crucial period where you have the ability to work through and let go of past resentments, hurt and trauma if you allow yourself the time and space to.


This Valentine’s Day is going to require a significant amount of patience and understanding for my Leo’s. Set some healthy boundaries and don’t feel trapped in your mind. You are safe to tell your crush, partner or love interest how you feel! You guys tend to get defensive about sharing your feelings out of pride but in love, you should feel safe knowing your partner, or love interest wants to understand you to be better, not to hurt you. 

No matter where your boundaries lie, there are new beginnings and endings to be experienced. Some of you may be deepening a love commitment during this time into a full fledged relationship (congrats!) Some of you may be getting engaged. Some of you may reach a deeper level of commitment. Then the latter may choose to leave a relationship in hopes of finding someone who truly honors them. A drastic change is going to hit your love life, no matter what type of situation you’re in.


I see a lot of schedule conflicts and last minute plans being made as a result of cancelations. Your best efforts will be met with frustrating roadblocks that may bring out negativity around the Holiday. Try not to let that get the best of you. You can’t handle circumstances out of your control. Flexibility is key to enjoying the day from what you may perceive as impending doom!

Try not to stress yourself. Sometimes, the best memories arise from spontaneity. Let your partner or crush plan out the details. You don’t have to micromanage every detail and overcook what is perfection. You always make sure everything is planned perfectly, but let people show who they are and how much you mean to them by letting them take the steering wheel. You may be pleasantly surprised by the way people view you by the little details they choose. This holiday seems to humble you and have a new appreciation toward your partner or love interest.


A blast from the past is coming back. An umexpected late-night text from an old flame will come back to shock you. It may ignite some old passionate memories. Libra, remember, a fling during retrograde very rarely lasts. If you’re on a dating application or you just happen to go out (with a stylish mask as you always do), you seem to be capturing everyone’s eyes and attention. 

A close friend may reveal romantic, unexpected feelings for you. Your girlfriends may reach out to go for dinner or drinks, and you’re the center of attention. Either way, Libra, you are the Belle of the Ball and everyone is watching you. You have one too many options, and a few actually have promise. Grab your nicest heels, or shoes, get yourself that outfit you always wanted,, andnsress your best for your night out. It is your time to shine! Definitely practice discernment.


Oh, Scorpio, this Valentine’s Day seems to be a period of release – releasing old trauma involving old flames, and karmic situations. You can trust and be open with your loved ones about the struggles you still face. You value privacy but also do not wish to be the bummer of the Holiday but you have friends and family who genuinely care. Lean on their shoulders. 

You want to be nurtured and cuddled this holiday. Don’t feel pressed to make flashy or extravagant plans. Even if it means laying in bed, cuddled up watching TikToks or special crime documentaries, use this time to relax and detox from the world for a little bit. Don’t feel shy pouring out your feelings and expressing how you truly feel about situations or experiences you’ve had. Your partner will likely be receptive to what you have to say. 


Be very careful with how and when you use your words, Saggitarius. Your Valentines Day should roll over well if you keep the peace and practice diplomacy. This retrograde poses great difficulty and confusion when it comes to communication. Proof-read your messages and make sure your message is coming clear without coming off as condescending or judgemental. Your brutal honesty may not roll over well with your love interest or partner. 

Your efforts may not be validated or appreciated as you anticipate this holiday so be mindful and thoughtful about how your gifts or time spent on events will be perceived by the person receiving. Be upfront with the people in your life, especially with love interests, but don’t get so overwhelmed that your emotions take the steering wheel and run over any logic you may have had prior to initiating a serious discussion. 


Seems you guys are really focused on yourselves this Valentines Day and who would blame you? This retrograde may be currently hurting your wallet but you, being the Capricorn you are, always save for rainy days so it doesn’t hurt as much. If you’re single and not looking, take yourself on a boujee spa day. Go get yourself that luxury bag or that nice coat you’ve been tracking on Google Shopping. 

If you’re in a relationship, expect the most thoughtful Valentine’s Day. Expect a beautiful card, roses and candles in the bedroom and a generous gift you’ve been waiting for for a very long time. Your partner has been taking notes and thinking about how to spoil you for being their rock as of late. Soak in the bliss and appreciation. Surely, you deserve it. 


I see major metamorphosis and change occurring for you, Aquarius. You have a deeper understanding of who you are, and what you want. Old behaviors, situations and people that no longer serve you, you’ve made peace with and let go. With a major focus on financial stability and personal growth, you’re feeling more motivated to focus on your long-term goals. You’ve been homebodies and deciding to focus on yourself – the one thing you can guarantee is your own success (and oh, boy, do I feel that Aquarius)!

However, it feels like many of you are still working through some inner-child healing, working through some past hurts whether single or in a relationship, that may leave you feeling confused on where to focus your attention on. If you need time to clear your thoughts and find balance between heart and mind, communicate that. Don’t feel bad delaying plans to focus on your self-care. You can’t fill someone else’s cup if yours is depleting. Get in touch with yourself. Figure out what you truly want in love, and with full intention, manifest it through positive affirmation and consistent self-improvement.


Dear, sweet, Pisces, you have been so exhausted as of late! You’ve been really navigating and working through a lot of significant introspective work. I know you want to make beautiful extravagant plans with your partner or a date (a Disney romance sort of deal), but you don’t have to rush to do everything for Valentine’s Day. Maybe a night in with your date or partner is the best medicine! Some nice Chinese take-out, candle-lit dinner, watching Netflix curled up together can be just the medicine to get you out your slump.

I feel many of you really want to explore the world and travel. You’re on the path to enlightenment, especially in regards to finding love. You’ve been desiring something more, and I feel this Valentine’s Day, you may have talks about that, exploring destinations to go to, especially by the water! I see this Valentine’s Day will spark this desire within you to really protect your energy, effort, and safeguard your funds for future plans. Allow yourself to live in the present and appreciate the successes you make each and every day too. You’re not inadequate. You’re perfectly fine.

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