Whoohoo It’s an Eclipse!

nicole solar eclipseSolar Eclipses are like super charged New Moons. They’re portals to change. Wherever the celestial event falls in your chart will show which issues are most likely to come up for you. Astrology is about potentials. Unconsciously we act out the lowest expression of an opportunity but consciously we can take advantage of these events and move towards living life more in line with our path and our dreams.  On February 26th, the first New Moon Solar Eclipse of the year takes place in the sign of Pisces. All things are possible when we tap into this creative, imaginative energy.  We might feel we are being pulled in a new direction as something ends so a new beginning can emerge. Solar eclipses are great for getting us back on track if we’ve become lost and now’s the time to submerge yourself in the watery world of Pisces. Follow your inner guide by taking some time to be alone, look within, get inspired and plan big. Intuition, hunches and dreams become guides pulling you towards a new, brighter future. Write down your goals, visualize, take action and have faith. The Solar Eclipse in Pisces asks for us to trust in what’s ahead and to believe in the beauty of new beginnings. Letting go of what was to welcome what can be.

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