Working with The Moon Energy

The Moon card represents our reflections. As she rotates, she has interesting stories to tell, reflecting back to us our very own natural instincts. This card is about addressing the deeper unknown aspects of our subconscious. When working with her energy, she reminds you of your place in an ever-evolving current of energy. She shows us what still lurks within our depths, as the collective nature seems to crawl out from the muck to scare our EGO. This is when we can consciously work within ourselves to see the illusions and fears of our ancestors, and begin the Great Work, the journey upward into enlightenment. By understanding her symbolism, we can see that this is a time of rest and reflection, rather than acting unconsciously. Or worse, letting our base instincts take over.

She is the realm of fantasy and of all our emotional ideals, as well as our fears and worst nightmares. She is cosmic consciousness, unconditional love; she is The Moon.

But there is more than meets the eye. The real secrets and hidden knowledge of the moon lies beyond the veil of illusions, beyond what we can see, taste, touch, or hear. Beyond our fears and ideals, the moon represents the unknown forces that are forever at work, seemingly invisible, and only experienced by those who embrace the great mysteries – those who can enter the void of all that is not created. The real energy of the moon is in the myth of magic, in the divine meaning. Those who practice are known as the Priestesses of the Moon, Daughters of the Stars. To know the Moon is to enter the realm of Spirit. To know the knowledge is a silent reflection of the inner temple. The moment you speak of her, she eludes you. To work with her energy, enter this place, and hold it sacred. Embrace and harness her invisible energy by being in constant communion with her. See divine meaning, connect what is above with what is below, see what’s out there is also what is within, and know the light of all reflects in you.

With this view of energy, we have a chance to see things more metaphorically, through the stories she tells of gods and goddesses, or even the physical Moon itself. In a practical sense, it is just an object floating in space. The knowledge is only hidden from those who cannot see it in themselves. She brings magic and mystery, and embraces the sacredness of all things. These teachings have been oppressed, and more than ever now we need to stop relying on others interpretations and connect with ourselves to find meaning!

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