2017 Predictions – What Will Be “Trending” This Year

Today Evon takes a look at the hot topics which will “trend” in our news feeds on social media and conversations  at our dinner tables, at the gym and around

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2017 Predictions – Good Travel Destinations

Ever want to just try something new and venture out into the world to the most Beautiful and magical places here are some predictions for the next coming year and

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2017 Predictions – Climate Changes

Our earth is a very delicate investment and climate change is an important topic recently.  We as the inhabitors of our beautiful planet need to be aware of the changes

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2017 Predictions for the Stock Market

The Stock Market. It goes up it goes down, and people make money and people loose every cent they own. It can be very volatile, and very risky and unfortunately

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2017 Predictions Pregnancy and Children

Everyone Loves a Baby! (or so the saying goes.) Many people come to Psychics and Tarot Readers to ask the big question of AM I PREGNANT?  How many kids will


2017 Predictions – Will 2017 Be a Lucky Year?

2016 has been horrible for many of us; it seems to have really taken a toll on our music industry and the celebrity population in Hollywood has lost many wonderful

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2017 Predictions – Love, Marriage and Relationships

Today we hear from Shawn, My Tarot Advisor’s most recent addition to the community. Shawn provides to us his predictions for 2017 regarding Marriage, Relationships and Love and what to


2017 Predictions – Natural Disasters

A Natural Disaster can happen anytime, anywhere and many of us take our planet for granted and do not put enough preparation and planning into the possibility of something happening

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A Renewed Trend for 2017 – Taking Care of Ourselves!

After waking up from all the Christmas Cheer celebrated over the last weekend, we are waking up to reality now and seeing that maybe, finally, 2017 is a year to


2017 Predictions – Money and Financials

Hey everyone! Well we are a few days past the Christmas craziness and now reality sets in: how do you pay for all your cheer and merriness? For some the

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